Babyletto Mercer 3-In-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail, White

Planning to buy a crib that will incorporate well with your nursery room is not a problem. After deciding the paint color of the wall, the theme you wanted to create and the gender of the baby then you will be able to decide instantly. But for those who opt to wait for the baby’s arrival and avoided the gender ultrasound from their obstetrics gynecologist (ob-gyn), then better choose a gender-neutral color of baby’s crib.

A silky white color crib like this Babyletto, Mercer 3-in-1 convertible crib will be a perfect match for you. It is made from a high-quality material. The pine wood used came from the natural forest of New Zealand. It is genuinely created into a functional modern and chic design. The hard solid wood panel on the head is thought well to provide enough comfort for the baby and can be used as a head and foot boards. The frames were measured thoroughly to avoid any accidents that might occur along the way. Babies tend to try all the weirdest and craziest position possible. You may never know when they would try out to place their head or other body parts in between their cribs frame that may cause them to get stuck on it. You will never have a problem incorporating this crib with any room designed and colors that you will choose. It can easily be accentuated with anything and goes well with everything. It might be neutral shades, bright colored walls or even darker shade for contrast, this crib will absolutely stand out. There is no problem with gender choices as well, because of the white color crib that is easier for everyone to have it. No gender barrier on this marvelous product.

Since this crib will be used by your precious little ones, the manufacturer also made it sure to use the safest and best quality it is possible. Painted with a non-toxic paint material that is a hundred percent (100%) safe from any harmful materials such as lead and phthalate. A Greenguard gold certification was awarded and given on this product from being safe with other chemicals as well.

The design of this crib is truly amazing. It can be transformed into four (4) different beds. From a regular crib for your infants to toddler bed and daybed that your kids will surely enjoy. Not only that, the railings are free upon purchasing this brilliant crib. An under-crib drawer that is very spacious and large enough is added to provide storage for your baby’s belongings such as toiletries and clothes. A hassle-free feature that is made to be more convenient for parents in taking good care of their little ones. It has a four adjustable mattress position that is easier for you to move into any different positions comfortable for your babies.

This is absolutely a wonderful product with a very reasonable price that will be partnering with you for a lifetime. An offer that you shouldn’t miss no matter what!

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