Carter’s by DaVinci Kenzie 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, White

Parenting is not an easy task. Preparing for your baby’s arrival should be organized and perfect. There is no room for mistakes since babies are very sensitive and fragile. They cannot express well if they are uncomfortable or hurt. They will only cry when they are not feeling well, so it is hard to recognize what they are feeling or what is causing them to behave that way. As parent’s we have to make it sure that our precious little ones are safe and always happy. Baby’s nursery room is filled with things that are necessary for you and your newborn. Especially the baby’s crib which will be the most important thing needed in taking good care of your baby. It should be comfortable, functional and safe.

This white, Kenzie 4-in-1 convertible crib by Carter’s from Da Vinci will surely be a big help for you and your little one. This furniture has a fantastic workmanship. The headboard is shaped perfectly. The arched design is giving it a modern and classy look that goes well in every corner of the room. The raised molding is sculpted well that will coordinate with the full design of the crib. The glistening white paint used on this crib is hundred and one percent (101%) safe from any harmful chemicals such as lead and phthalate. Your infant’s safety is their top priority. Taking all our worries away. Leaving the baby alone in a crib will never be a problem and you will be at peace to know that your darling will always have a good night sleep. The color of this crib will blend well and will complement on whatever wall colors you will have. Traditional, classic, modern, contemporary or themed rooms this will still look adorable and lovely. In fact, it will even stand-out. The frames were thoroughly and accurately measured. Estimating the proper distance to avoid any future accidents that may harm your baby. As they grow older, babies tend to move a lot. Climbing and hiding everywhere which is harder to control. They might sometimes put their body parts in between frames that can lead into misfortune. It will be difficult to remove once it gets stuck in between frames that is why accurate measurement is needed to avoid and prevent this from happening. This crib is manufactured from the solid and strikingly strong pine wood from the natural forest of New Zealand. Giving us a high-quality product.

Not only that, this crib is convertible. It can be transformed into four (4) designs that will be essential for your child’s growth. First, a baby’s crib which can be used from infancy until the first two years of your baby. Second, it can be converted into a toddler bed. Yes, no need to buy again another bed. A toddler bed which can be used as your kid grows. Third, it can turn into a daybed that is perfect for your siesta or just merely a hanging out place for your teens. Lastly, this bed can become a full-sized bed that is great for adults. You will be saving tons of money with this crib. A single purchase of this will last a lifetime with you!

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