DaVinci Brook 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Bed Conversion Kit, White


I guess this phrase is true. Building a house is easy but making a house into a real home is difficult. It takes a lot of effort and hard work to build a happy home. There should be enough effort from everybody involved. A teamwork is necessary to make it possible. This is the same with having a baby. Everyone should be involved and participate well in the arrival of a baby in the family. Everything should be ready and prepared. Thorough planning and implementing it would be a great help to lighten the burden. From the basic necessities such as the baby clothes, mittens, socks, caps, books, and toys. Do not forget to include also the place where most you and your baby will be spending which is your nursery room. 

Nursery rooms should be organized and arranged according to your heart’s content. Appropriate furniture should be chosen well. It’s not just the style that is important, also its functionalities and price included. There were various cribs to choose from the department store nowadays. Different colors and designs that will make a great piece for your baby.

Meet the 4-in-1 convertible crib conversion kit, from Da Vinci. The milky white color crib like silhouette is amazing and will easily blend well with any wall colors and themes you will be having. There will be no problem trying to fit in with this thing. As it will make a good contrast and will definitely become the focal point of your room. It is not just great to look at but this crib has a lot more to offer more than you can imagine. It was imported and constructed with a strong pine wood that came from the natural forest of New Zealand that gives that distinct crisp aroma of the crib.

The arch and meticulously designed curved headboard are pretty enough to the eyes. Providing the comfort that your baby needs. Every detailed embedded on this crib is provided with exquisite workmanship. Preserving the true nature of the material used as much as possible. It is carefully handcrafted to bring out that rustic but classy feeling this crib can offer.

The paint material was screened and thoroughly check, not to cause any harm to your babies. It was painted with a non-toxic material that is appropriate for your baby’s age. It is safe from lead, phthalate and other toxic and harmful chemicals that can endanger your baby’s health.

This crib will definitely grow well with your baby and will stay longer than you expected it to be. Why? Because this crib is very functional despite its modern look. It can be transformed into four different designs. Starting off from a normal baby’s crib which is beneficial during infancy stage. The next one is the toddler bed when your baby will turn into a toddler phase. Third, the daybed which is very comfortable to use for young adults and the latter part is the daybed. This crib can be converted into a regular daybed which can be used and enjoyed by adults like us. Imagine how much money you will be saving from purchasing this incredible crib. Surely, a masterpiece has been made!


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