DaVinci Lila 3-in-1 Convertible Crib in White with Oatmeal Fabric

Expectant parents are thrilled to hold their little bundle of joy in their own hands. Imagining them so tiny and cute. Afraid to carry them at first because newborns look so fragile. At the back of their mind, they are already thinking that they might crush them if they will hold them longer or tighter. Those sweet first little smile and those cooing sound they make are like music to your ears. The slow movements of those small hands and innocent gaze will surely melt your heart away.

Newborns are heaven sent from above. Parents are blessed enough to be called as Mother and Father. It is not an easy obligation but it is the noblest profession anyone can ever have. A lifetime of experience and a lifetime of commitment and duty. Once you become a parent, until the day you die you have obligations to look after the welfare of your child. To make that job, lighter and easier from the beginning. Extra preparation is needed to ease your burdens away.

Babies tend to sleep a lot. Buying a crib that is reliable to become your partner in rearing your child is necessary. It is important to make it sure that your little will get all the sleep he/she needs. It is a crucial part of their growth to have enough sleep and rest.

This white Lila 3-in-1 convertible crib from Da Vinci with oatmeal fabric will help you hand-in-hand to fulfill your obligation without a sweat.  It is Greenguard Gold Certified after the thorough screening of harmful chemicals. The painting materials used to paint this white crib is proven and tested to be safe from over 10,000 toxic and harmful chemicals that might put your baby in harm’s way. Lead and phthalate safe. It exceeds the necessary requirements from the ASTM International and U.S. CPSC safety standards. It will never put your baby in danger.

The wood material used to build this gorgeous-looking crib is directly imported and manufactured from the finest and natural pinewood of substantial New Zealand forest. Ensuring that everything is made from high-quality materials. The designs are modern and very practical. It is easy to assemble or adjust to any desired design you want. The frames were delicately designed to avoid any accidents that your baby might encounter growing up. A well-carved well-polished line looks very appealing to the eyes. It adds warmth and character to your baby’s crib. The upholstered side panel is thoroughly created to add extra protection for your baby’s against bumps and collisions from all your little child’s movement.

Not only that, this crib is very functional. It will surely outgrow your baby. It can be used from the beginning of your Motherhood journey until your baby will turn into a decent adult. This crib is transitional and can be used for a longer time. From the normal baby crib to toddler bed and lastly the daybed. A good partner to start your journey!

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