Delta Children Abby 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, Dark Chocolate

Planning to buy a baby’s crib for someone dear to you? Then let me help you with it. This dark chocolate 4-in-1 convertible crib from Delta Children Abby is a wonderful present to be given away. The excellent design of the crib is great to be placed in the nursery room. The size is enough and accurate, it won’t take up too much space so there is still room for other furniture to fit in.

This crib was meticulously made with excellent workmanship that will absolutely stand out. Manufactured and well-built from high-quality materials. It was engineered well to create such a gorgeous design with finely detailed parts. The wood is beautifully carved leaving a smooth and brilliant appearance of the crib. The dark chocolate colored can make a nice contrast with light blue-gray walls that create a calmer and soothing atmosphere of the room. It will look clean and modern. While with beige/earth/sand tones, the room will have a sophisticated look that can be incorporated with bright accessories. Red or orange can transform the room with the dark chocolate crib into a fun and lively ambiance. Yellow walls can create a dramatic and classic vintage ambiance of the room that can be used for both male and female nursery rooms. There will be no fuss on complementing this crib into different shades of walls and floors. Mix and match it with anything you have and will still make the crib a wonderful piece to have.

The headboard is amazingly arched that gives a distinct and unique character of the crib. The footboard incorporates well with the design of the crib. It was produced from a strong and reliable wood that will provide a peaceful sleep for your baby. The painting material used was proven safe from any toxic and harmful chemicals such as lead and phthalate. Assuring the parents that it is hundred percent safe after being certified by the JPMA. It was thoroughly checked and screened by the CPSC & ASTM.

The bed rails and frames were measured and inspected properly to avoid any accidents that will put the baby in danger. It was made to have an accurate distance to avoid the baby from being trapped in between rails. The legs of the crib are strong, sturdy and well-balanced. Not easily can be swayed nor wobbly. Ensuring that everything is safe and secure for the baby’s protection.

This crib can be adjusted according to the desired position, design and height. It is transformable into 4 designs. From a usual baby’s crib upon purchase that can be used by your precious newborn into a toddler bed. Yes, it will outgrow with your baby. The third one is the daybed which is befitting for teens or young adults. Finally, a full-size bed which can be used by adults and grown-ups. It will still look beautiful and attractive since there are bed rails that can be purchased to be attached in your cribs. A magnificent product that is worthy to give to someone close to your heart.


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