Delta Children Bentley S Series 4-in-1 Crib, Black Cherry Espresso

Babies are so cute and lovely. They always look so adorable, innocent and so fragile that we often wanted to carry them, cuddle them and hug them. But no one informed us that having a baby is a huge and heavy responsibility. They can be a handful and cumbersome at times. They often sleep a lot after being born and irritable when they are lacking rest and hungry.

These burdens can lighten up with the right choice of help and assistance you will have. For example, having your own nursery room for your baby would be a big help for you. During its first few months, newborns tend to sleep a lot. All they do is just feed, sleep, and poop. A cycle which you and your baby can enjoy together. Having a crib that allows your little angel to have a sound and comfortable sleep can lift all your worries away.

This Bentley 4-in-1 convertible crib from Delta Children S Series will do wonders for you and your little bundle of joy. It comes on a black cherry espresso colored crib that will surely stand out placing it on your nursery room. This chocolate tone convertible crib illuminates warmness and cozy feeling. It will light up your room with its modern design that will blend well with other furniture. The beautiful espresso color enhances richness and depth of this crib, looking it so versatile.

This crib is constructed to your baby’s likeness, promoting a more serene and gratifying sleep. No more cranky and irritable babies to wake up. The sleigh design is intentionally made to give character to the crib. It is very functional and made of the finest woods and high-quality materials. Constructing it and making it sure that is well-built, sturdy and strong. The headboard and footboard are stable enough and capable of providing your baby all the protection needed. You can rest assured that the crib can sustain any movements made by your little one. The legs and frames were appropriately and thoroughly made as well. Satisfying all your desires to give all the convenience and the best care for your little angel.

You will untroubled knowing that the Bentley 4-in-1 convertible crib has passed the necessary screenings concerning the safety standard required for this crib. It is thoroughly screened and inspected to safeguard our baby against any toxic and dangerous chemicals such as lead and phthalate. It ensures us that leaving our child in this crib will never be a problem.

An additional feature of this crib is amazing. It can be transitioned easily into four (4) designs that will outgrow with you and your baby. From a normal baby’s crib, this can be converted into a toddler bed. Your kids can still enjoy this kid and will grow together with them as well. From toddler crib, it can be transformed into a daybed which is nice to sleep and rest around. And the last, a full-size bed which is an essential need for adults. You will never spend a dime again after purchasing this ingenious crib that will grow together with your baby!

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