Dream On Me Chelsea 5-in-1 Convertible Crib, Espresso

As a parent, your obligation to your children is endless. Your love is immeasurable and boundless. There are no ifs and buts, only accurate and perfect result of raising our children. Providing and giving them everything we have without asking something in return. We are happy and contented if we see them overflowing with gladness. We are the first one who cried and got hurt when they failed. Nothing can compete for the challenge and hardship we overcome in raising them and just to make it sure that we are giving them the welfare they needed. A noble job that only good parents knew and experienced.

The same thing goes when choosing a crib for your little child. Partnering with an outstanding crib can help you ease your burdens away and can really do wonders in saving more of your money. One time purchase for a lifetime of benefits! You will surely love to have the Chelsea espresso colored 5-in-1 convertible crib, from Dream on Me. The clever sleigh like design is enticing and gorgeous. Truly sophisticated and eye-catching enough to be displayed in your nursery room. The dark-brown with red undertone color of this crib surely gives authority and character that will absolutely stand-out. It will match well with the shades of green, greenish gray, greenish blue walls and can also complement with those colors since espresso looks warmer because of its brownish-red undertone aura. It will be a great addition to black, plum and other darker shades furniture. You can never go wrong with this fantastic piece. The paint used is proven safe from any harmful and toxic chemicals after thorough screen and checked by the ASTM safety standards and the government. It was certified by the CPSC to be safely used by your baby.

The curvy lines of this crib are well-built giving a sexy and conventional look. It can be adjusted to provide comfort for your baby. The curvy frames have a stationary side that is meticulously made and with exquisite workmanship allowing your little ones to move freely and easily. It can be lowered down to be able for your baby to reach it immediately.  A hassle-free invention to cater all our needs. The mattress platform can be adjusted and arrange into four different heights allowing your baby to sit, stand and crawl without any discomfort. The frames were measured evenly according to the required standards. It is durable, not wobbly and strong preventing it from collapsing or swaying.

This crib is like a mini-transformer. It is convertible into five (5) designs. Starting off from its regular baby’s crib which can be used from newborn up to the first two years of your baby. Second, when your baby will outgrow it up to the toddler stage, it remains useful since it can be changed into a toddler bed. Third, a daybed that is easy and fast to assemble. Lastly, to a full-sized bed and a full-sized bed with a headboard that is excellently suitable for adults. There is no need for you to purchase every milestone you and your baby will walk through.


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