Dream On Me Chesapeake 5-In-1 Convertible Crib, Storm Grey

Do you want to have a unique and refreshing vibe in your nursery room? Then purchase this Storm Grey 5-In-1 Convertible Crib, Chesapeake from Dream on me.

This crib features modern, minimalist looks with exquisite workmanship and finely molding details. Every corner and part of this crib is carefully crafted to support your baby’s needs. Making it sure that everything will meet or exceed the regular standard required for the cribs. The strong and sturdy frame can be adjusted to sit low on the floor for an easier access and allows you to put and move your baby freely. This product weighs only 40lbs and manufactured, imported and constructed from the natural pinewood of New Zealand. You will never have a hard time moving this anywhere since it is lightweight and flexible. The crib can be placed anywhere in your house. It can be put beside your master’s bed for an easier reach or in your living room while doing extra chores, you will be able to glance on your baby once in a while.

Babies tend to grow faster than you expect them to be. One time they were just making cooing sounds and the next thing you know, they were all over your place running around, climbing, crawling, shouting and playing. Uncontrollable at times this little bundle of joy. This amazing crib comes with the adjustable mattress that can be managed and adjusts the heights to be able to avoid and minimize the danger of your little angel from climbing or falling out of the crib. Ensuring their safety is the top and utmost priority of this crib. Assuring every parent from any concerns, troubles, and worries. No parents that are in their right mind to allow their little child to get hurt nor to be in trouble. The styling and design of the frames have equally measured the distance and gap to prevent your baby from being a trap in between frames that can put them in danger and get hurt.

This charming crib is gender neutral that can be used for both male and female babies. There won’t be any problem incorporating it with other wall designs, floor colors and other additional furniture within the nursery room. The storm grey crib can be matched and blend well with bright color, neutral shades, and even darker tones and you can be sure that it will stand out. It is also fun to decorate and accessorize this crib since it can fit well with white, yellow, blue and other bright colored mattresses. The painting material used is proven safe from any dangerous chemicals such as lead and phthalate.

A crib like this one can accompany you and your baby for a lifetime as it is convertible. From a regular baby’s crib during infancy, toddler bed, daybed, a full sized bed which can be transformed into two designs of your choice. A full-size bed with rails, footboard, and headboard or a simple full-size bed that is accurate for grown-ups. One time investment for a lifetime of benefits will be yours when you purchase this convertible crib.

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