Fisher-Price Charlotte Rose 3-in-1 Convertible Crib, Snow White

Nursery rooms is a private space in your home which is created for your little baby and you. The thought of decorating and organizing it surely makes you happy and pleased. Thrilled and get inspired to arrange it for your precious little one. Light up your nursery room with this pretty convertible crib that is suitable for your little bundle of joy! The design of this crib is wonderful and your baby will have a comfortable sleep all night.

The Snow White, 3-in-1 Charlotte Rose convertible crib from Fisher-Price is what your little princess needs. The arched end panels of this crib are meticulously built with superb workmanship. Every routed inset is carefully hand-carved with floral appliques creating a masterpiece. The fine-detailed floral carvings are exquisite and attention-getting. It adds character to your crib making it more appealing for your little princess. This is precisely made for your baby girl. A princess like a crib for a princess themed room.

The snow white color enlightens the mood of the whole room. It will blend well with brighter wall colors such as any tones of pink, yellow, green and even baby blue. Accentuating it with cute and sassy furniture. Fluffy carpets and stuff toys are a great addition to making this room more baby friendly and savvy. The painting materials were screened and inspected thoroughly. It is claimed to be safe from any harmful and toxic painting materials. Ensuring that your baby well-guarded and well-protected from lead, phthalate and any other chemicals that can endanger your baby’s health.

This crib is made from a solid and durable wood materials. It is capable to outgrow with you and your baby. The headboard and footboard incorporate with the rails and frames well. The frames distance is appropriately measured enabling it to keep your baby out of harm’s way possible. It is capable of protecting your little child from being trapped in between frames. It is absolutely hassle-free and easy to assemble.

Purchasing this Fisher-Price convertible crib will be a wise decision you will be making. It is affordable and budget-friendly. You don’t need to spend a lot just to acquire a valuable item as this one. It is guaranteed to remain sturdy and substantial from any sudden and hard movements from your baby. You will be at peace leaving your little bundle of joy and be assured that she will have a peaceful sleep all day and night.

It can also be transitioned into three (3) adjustable designs. From the usual crib into a toddler bed, daybed and full-sized bed that is beneficial for your baby. It can be quickly adjusted and mattresses are easy to purchase to cope up with your babies fast-growing stages. This crib gives you and your baby the best experience you can ever have!

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