Graco Freeport 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, Black

Black is beautiful! We often choose furniture in neutral and safe colors such as white, cream, pink, brown, maple, and espresso. Those shades can get along well with any kind of wall colors and floor patterns you have. But this elegantly and unique convertible crib will obviously change your mind to try something new and bolder. It will make your nursery room stand-out without even trying so hard.

Maybe you were wondering what I am implying? This 4-in-1 convertible crib from Graco Freeport is polished with a glistening black paint. The appearance of this crib will excite you and challenge your artistic interior ideas. You may be doubting and confused on what colors should match with this one of a kind crib. But, you will be amazed on how this convertible crib will blend well with brighter wall colors and stylish floor patterns. Shades such as light violet, blue and yellow tones and other brighter colors. You may also opt for neutral shades and everything will look amazing and astounding.

The painting materials used to create this modern convertible crib were proven safe from any harmful chemicals. It was thoroughly checked and tested against toxic chemicals such as lead and phthalate. It was certified by the government and exceed ASTM safety standards. Ensuring your baby’s we-being out from any harm’s way.

The wood materials used to build this magnificent looking crib came from the strong wood. Manufactured from the natural forest. Extracting a nice crisp scent of natural woods that was embedded in your crib, providing a more serene and comfortable sleep for your little bundle of joy.

This cribs design is well-thought. Meticulously arched headboard and footboard that gives characters and body to this stylish crib. It may be looked pretty but this crib is equipped with amazing functional features that are essential for all your needs and your baby as well. The distance of the crib’s frame was measured accurately, making it sure that the distance was exact to prevent your baby’s head and body from getting trapped in between. Avoiding any accidents and protecting your baby against from any mishaps is the top priority. The legs were made sure to be strong and sturdy. It is stable enough to endure any movements your baby will do in the future, it will not wobble and will remain steady.

It does not limit to that since this crib is transformable. It can be assembled into four (4) different designs that will accompany you in raising your baby from infancy to adulthood without any difficulties. From the baby’s crib to toddler crib, daybed and finally to a full-size bed. A minimalist design that is convenient to use, making sure that your baby can fully enjoy while having its peaceful sleep. A crib like this is hard to get buy. Be sure to purchase this to make you and your baby happy and overflowing with enjoyable memories to treasure!


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