Graco Harbor Lights Convertible Crib, White

You can now enjoy every milestone you will have with your baby. Parenting nowadays has become more fun and exciting. There were many activities and preparatory classes being offered for both expectant parents, conceiving mother and new parents. Activities that can be done together as a family, establishing great and harmonious relationship towards each member.

There may not be any manual given upon starting and rearing a child but there was a help that will assist and guide you to deal with all the changes you will be going through. Conceiving and raising a baby is scary and difficult but be at ease with all these burdens since everything can be learned as long as we are willing to do our best for our little bundle of joy. Providing them with the utmost care we can give them. There is no room for any hesitations and mistakes as this may put your baby in harm’s way.

This white, convertible crib from Graco Harbor lights got your back. It has everything you needed. A convertible crib that is essential in rearing your child. The reasonable price of this crib will help you not to disrupt your budget. It may be cheaper in price for an expensive looking piece of furniture.  A valuable piece like this is hard to get buy. It is very practical and wise to purchase this convertible crib for your baby.

The traditional design of this crib complements its functionality. The wide and well-built headboard and footboard are assembled elegantly to provide a warm and stable crib. The solid pinewood that was being exported and manufactured are carved well with such fine details. It is strong-built and will not waver immediately against any hard movements that your baby may cause. Jumping, crawling, rolling and climbing are some of the movements your baby will make. It is necessary and important that the crib will not wither easily and will remain steady and sturdy against it. Keeping this crib well-balanced will help in ensuring your baby’s safety. Avoiding the accidents that will hurt your baby should always be a priority for both the parents and the nanny.

The frames also were measured well with its appropriate distance required. This crib has passed the standard requirements needed in ensuring that your precious little one is comfortable and secure. It is also painted well. The white well-polished crib is done with so much handle and care. It was proven and tested that the painting materials used were safe against any toxic chemicals such as the lead and phthalate which is crucial for your baby’s health.

Not only that, the white convertible will surely exceed your expectations. It is capable of transitioning. From a normal crib which can be enjoyed by you and your newborn for the next two years of his/her growth. The second one is the toddler bed for your kids. Third, a daybed which can be relaxing after a busy day for your teens. Lastly, a full-sized bed which can be beneficial for adults. Everything is in this convertible bed!

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