Graco Solano 4-in-1 Convertible Crib with Drawer, Espresso

It’s almost you’re due and the arrival of your child is fast approaching and you’re cramming because of the unfinished nursery room. It is still bare, empty and not organize. You haven’t bought a single thing such as mittens, socks, caps, baby clothes to wear, toys, books and a lot more. There are still a lot of things to prepare and you don’t have any idea where to begin and what to do first.

Let me give you a hand on that. Preparing your child’s room should be a fun-filled experience for both you and your husband. Thorough planning and discussion are needed to arrive at a certain idea and concept to be implemented. Making it sure that everything is perfect and goes smoothly according to your plans and the baby’s comfort should come first. Bear in mind that you will be spending more time inside that little room. Carrying your baby around, putting them to bed every time they fell asleep, changing their clothes and diapers after they poop and pee, playing their favourite toys with them, singing repeatedly and dancing while playing their nursery rhymes throughout the day until you will be able to memorize all Disney and Barney’s song every day. Slowly making memories as time goes by. Unnoticed of the time that passes by.

Planning to buy a crib that will suit you and your babies taste just fine? Well, this Espresso color 4-in-1 convertible crib with drawer from Graco Solano is the answer to all your infant’s needs. The large crib is equipped with a lot of useful and safety features. The frames of the crib are designed intricately. The keen details in every arch of the frame are amazing. It is well – measured to secure the baby’s safety and to avoid accidents. If the frame is too wide, there is a tendency for your little ones to put their heads in between the frame that will lead the baby’s head to get stuck in between. The espresso color of this crib is surely a good match to the shades of green-gray-blue. It will look natural and stunning and also a warmer replacement for black colored furniture. It is appropriately and carefully painted with a non-toxic paint material that is safer for babies to use it. The storage drawer underneath the crib is very spacious and the large room has enough storage for the child’s belongings and toiletries. The bed can be transformed from a newborn’s crib, toddler’s bed, daybed and a full-size bed for adults. Though railings and mattress are sold separately, still this does not affect the crib’s transformation. It can be converted easily and can be bought with a reasonable price. In fact, a cheaper price for one crib that can be transformed into four (4) can be used until the baby will turn into a fine young adult. Just think of how much money you will be able to save upon purchasing this brilliant product. A wise investment that will help you save thousands of dollars. Buy this outstanding crib and start making memories now with your precious child!

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