Oeuf Elephant Crib-Grey

As you look in different stores, may it be local or online, you sure will see different kinds of cribs. There’s a wide variety of them when it comes to styles, designs, prices and of course the features. Looking at all these may make you feel confused- which is which? Let’s make your search easier by trusting a product brand or manufacturer that has established a good reputation to its customers all these years. Oeuf is the name most parents trust when it comes to cribs. It has passed US, Canadian, and European safety standards. In other words, safety is always guaranteed. Of course, that’s your main priority. A crib should all the time provide safety to your child and that’s what Oeuf Elephant Crib-Grey does.


You’d like this crib because it is very easy to assemble. Unlike other cribs which will most probably take you a long time to get done, this Oeuf Elephant Crib-Grey will get assembled in less than an hour and take note, you can do it all by yourself. Instructions come with the package which are absolutely easy to follow. You can do it like a pro! I believe that’s very important. You really want to buy something you can use immediately. Easy and fast set up- that’s what Oeuf Elephant Crib promises.

Another nice thing about this Oeuf Elephant Crib-Grey is that it has three adjustable mattress positions. It’s low overall height makes it more ideal for your child. He can easily step in and out of the crib even without your assistance. This crib is also not that huge so you’re saving a lot of space in your nursery. That’s another important thing to be considered. You don’t really a crib taking too much space in your room, right? Well, with Oeuf Elephant Crib-Grey you’ll get more space in your area and use it for something else. Rest assured there are other things you also wanted to buy for your baby aside from a crib. Also, since this crib is lightweight, transferring it from one area to another is easy. So, if you wish to rearrange your room, you can do it smoothly without the assistance of someone else.

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The grey color of this crib makes it a perfect match to whatever mattress color or bed sheet you wish to put on. Rest assured it’s going to make your nursery look even more cute. Your baby will love it, too! Just imagine him laying and sleeping comfortably in this crib. That will surely make you at ease and happy. You also don’t have to spend a lot of money for a crib. Mind you, you can get it all in a reasonable price with Oeuf Elephant Crib-Grey. You better start checking for a good store which has this crib available. The product comes with a warranty but it depends on the store where you purchase it from so try to check on that as well. This Oeuf Elephant Crib-Grey is very durable that your baby can definitely make use of it for so many years.

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