Stork Craft Davenport 5-in-1 Convertible Crib with Drawer, White

Shopping for a crib shouldn’t be so complicated and difficult. Buy this white, 5-in-1 convertible crib with drawer from Stork Craft Davenport. This crib is screaming with elegance and durability that is good enough to last a lifetime with you and your baby. A one-time investment that is worthy to be made. You will get more than what you are paying for with this incredible furniture.

This stunningly white beautiful crib is painted well with painting materials that is absolutely safe. The non-toxic painting chemical used is not harmful, lead and phthalate safe that is boasting with versatility and style. An eye-catching slate finish that is wonderfully made to emphasize the beauty of this crib. The solid wood panel headboard is finely detailed, crafted and carved well that can place whichever part of your home. It may not be on a traditional nursery room but rather beside your master’s bedroom nor in your living room, will everything be suited well. The material used and manufactured is made from a high-quality pine wood that excretes an amazing aroma that surrounds your baby’s room. The sweet and rustic smell of this crib is truly enticing to the one near it.

This crib is not just only wonderfully made but exceeds and surpass all the safety and quality standards conducted by Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Ensuring your baby’s health and safety is their top and utmost priority. It is also certified and approved after thorough screening and inspection by Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). Giving us comfort knowing that the product we purchase is can really help us in rearing our precious little child. Assuring us that we made the right and wise decision of partnering with this product.

The benefits we can get from this crib is limitless. The frames were thoroughly measured with an even distance to help us in avoiding bad circumstances and accidents that we may be encounter in the future. The legs were well-built, sturdy and unyielding of movements from your baby. Absolutely not wobbly, secured and built to last longer than we expect it to be. Making our babies sleep on a safe environment.

Drawers under the crib are enormous and huge. An outstanding additional feature that helps us in storing our baby’s belongings. It is better for a handy and accessible way of changing your baby’s clothes. It can be reached immediately and conveniently.

The Stork Craft Davenport crib is transformable. It can be converted into 5 different designs. First, the normal crib for your infants. Second, it can be changed into a toddler bed for growing kids. Third, the daybed. Fourth, the full-sized bed that is suitable for adults and lastly, the full-sized bed which can be decorated with frames for a more sophisticated look. The three additional adjustable mattress is also added that incorporates well with the bed upon adjusting it to the desired design.

An ultimate and useful crib that can withstand time and weather!

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