Some say that a happy child is also a healthy child! So, while your baby is still on its way, it is very important to organize everything before the baby’s due. Preparing and planning everything before the big day to avoid any mishaps and to prevent everyone from a stressful situation that comes along with it.

Planning on buying a new crib that will fit your nursery room? Then this Espresso, Valentia Convertible Crib from Stork Craft is suitable for you and your little ones. This mid-sized crib is absolutely gender-neutral so there is no problem buying it ahead of time. Whether your newborn gender is a male or a female, everything would match well.  The espresso colored crib will be popped out on gray, beige, and yellow shades. It will also look pretty on multi-colored walls and carpets. Dark- colored crib as this one would also go well with neutral accents that will give emphasis on this beautiful piece. Accentuating it with different themes won’t be that difficult either. If it will be transitional, modern, traditional or even coastal design.  Whatever that comes in your mind, everything will be just fine. It will be an exact likeness of the themes that you want so much and it will be pleasant to the eyes.

The arch framed is like a little sleigh similar to what Santa used on Christmas Eve that provides a happy vibe to everyone. It gives a strong character that you will never fail to miss. The hardwood used is strong and durable that is good enough when your baby will start to walk, play and crawl. The sturdy frames were appropriately measured exactly to the recommended standard of safety cribs to avoid any accidents that your baby might encounter in the future. In fact, this crib has passed the thorough screening of safety standard from the United States of America and Canada crib standards. No parents would allow their babies to get hurt nor would compromise the safety of their little darling. The headboard and footboard are sturdy and very convenient to use. The curve edges are elegantly made filled with proper protection. Securing static and wobbly side rails is one of their top priority that eases away the worries of the parents. Leaving their babies inside the crib day and night will never be a problem.

This crib is also very easy to assemble and the transformation of this great invention will put you in awe. From its regular baby crib which can be used in the first few years to the toddler bed that can be suitable for playing with your growing child. Third, it can also be converted into a daybed that can be used for laying around all day by your teenagers and lastly, into a regular bed that can be used for a lifetime. Three mattresses are also included to support your little one’s growth. You will be saving a huge amount from purchasing this gorgeous crib. Investing in this ingenious and excellent product is one of the wise decision you will make.

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