Storkcraft Steveston 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changer with Drawer, White

Time passes by faster than you know it. Without noticing it, your baby is on its way.  Feeling unprepared and stressed? Don’t be, because nowadays everything comes in handy.

Even having a crib for your own little angel won’t be a problem anymore. Why? Simply because this white, 4-in-1 Convertible Crib from Storkcraft Steveston is just a click away. No need to go that far and travel, a hassle-free and fast purchase will do to get this amazing product. Every part of this crib is worthy of your investment. You will surely never regret of buying it.

The 4-in-1 Convertible Crib is filled with amazing features. It can be arranged in every nook and crook of your home. Placing it beside you in your master’s bedroom is possible since this crib is invented to be flexible in any way. With the additional attachments around that helps on a space-saving problem and can keep up with your lifestyle. The cottony white appearance of this crib will fit in anywhere you decide to put it. Matching it up with dark colors such as brown, dark gray, black trimmed walls and floors will never be a problem. It will also stand out on the top three (3) primary colors on the color wheel.  Like the red, blue and green, this crib will surely not be missed. The paint used is non-toxic and absolutely safe with harmful chemicals, prioritizing your baby’s safety without compromising its quality. Living it with a fully furnished appearance.

The design of this crib is very functional and modern that will be very useful for you and your baby. Ensuring to provide enough comfort and convenience on your daily activities. The arched headboard is very elegant and classy. Using the best pine wood to create an exquisite product with a solid panel that is strong and durable as a bull. The frames were sturdy, not wobbly and constructed well to safeguard your baby during day and night.

The attached changing table is sculpted well with the crib, vinyl pad and a safety strap that hands out and ensures the safety of your babies when changing its clothes. The changing pad is user-friendly and very beneficial in your part as a parent. It won’t be cumbersome anymore since everything you need is stored in one place. The roomy and large drawers under the crib are essential for your baby’s belongings and toiletries. Accommodating all your baby’s things generously.

A timeless piece like this will stick with you through thick and thin with its transformable feature. From a regular baby crib that you can use during the first few months of your baby. Toddler bed for your energetic and adorable kid. Daybed that can be used for chatting, laying around any time of the day. And lastly, the full-sized bed that will be fitting for grown-ups. Aiding us all the assistance we need to raise our baby well and comfortably. A truly incredible product that is well-planned by the manufacturers and conducive for our daily use.

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